Monday, December 17, 2007

Well the "Wheel of Coaching Fortune" took a weird turn..

(Pictured above, Coach Rod and, to the right, Rita Rodriquez, his lovely wife)

Well lookee here....the University of Michigan done real good and gittin them a Coach from WFV!! Old "agreement in principle" himself...Coach Rich "Fear the Sombrero" Rodriquez and his wife... He turned down Alabama last year, or did he just flex his negotiating muscle to get a better deal for himself?....only to realize how much easier it will be to get to the MNC via Michigan since all you have to do in the Big 10 is win the Big 10 by beating tOSU....and I think he can do that once he gets Terrell Pryor-the next Vince Young.....signed up...
I guess he looked at the SEC landscape, looked at how weak Alabama was depth wise and decided to hold off for a better opportunity....Cant say I blame him....He probaly knew the type of money we were gonna offer Saban and we werent even in the same ball park when we offered RR the job....Wish him luck...I am sure he will have success against tOSU, and Les Miles is currently on a 24hr suicide watch.....maybe this will motivate him to smash tOSU even more to show Michigan the type of man they missed out on, and true to Les Miles form, he will take a shot after he beats tOSU by 30 pts of better with his "damn fine football team, coached by me, for me, via me,me me me me me me..........."
Oh yeh while I am at it, lets talk about goddamn Tony Romo and TO, mainly Tony Romo....and his curseded hot and up all night" Chicken of the Sea" Jessica Simpson...I was 14-0 and destined to win it all ......til this fucked up week....all the hard work, the studying, the Double Double with Tony Romo/TO on the same fantasy team......and this is how Jessica Simpson pays me back??
By some strange injury to Tony Romos fingers....on his throwing hand???? Probaly up til 4am with her doing some bizarre sex act with both hands and some jumper cables and some peach preserves.....Anyway...damn her to Disney......

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