Friday, September 26, 2008

Who's Funeral is it gonna be???

Athens, Ga 9-26-08

Well, with USC falling from the pinnacle losing to a bunch of midget Beavers Thursday night, the game between Georgia and Alabama has been elevated to another level, lawya....Alabama has been playing better than expected, and Georgia has been going along nicely, getting a little challenge via Spurrier and the Cocks 14-7, and now expectations for Alabama have been off the charts. I know this because I work with several Bulldog fans and Alabama fans.....Bulldog fans are waiting for a letdown since USC had theirs, and if history serves me right, its Georgia is due for one. The matchup that concerns most Dawgs is the matchup of Terrence Cody and their freshman center Ben Jones who is getting his 2nd start. The biggest concern I have is our secondary since we havent faced quality skill WR's and Georgia has 2 of them. Arkansas, Tulane and West Ky actually had good passing games against us....I havent seen much of a fast paced aggressive pass rush from the line, but we usually rush only 3 down linemen since Cody accounts for 2 gaps and blockers. I would hope we can make Stafford think on his feet, and thats where we can make him make a mistake....He is a good enough QB that if he has time, he will drill it and pick us apart. I think we can slow down the run, and I hope Stafford gets a little overconfident and floats a couple out there to be picked off. Turnovers will be the story of this game.

This game will show what kind of character or leader our JPW is this year. We havent had to play from behind and we havent had to go into the 2 min offense that we had to do last year, which it seemed that was the only way we could score. I hope our line is as good as advertised and we can exploit some matchups there since we are at 100% and they are missing some key starters. We win the line battle, we win the game. But I will say this.....if its the 4th quarter, we are down by 6pts, there is 2 mins left and we have the ball on our 35yrd line, and JPW is under center.....there will be a lot of Defibulators in use........
There is alot of mystery about this game. Are we that good? Is Georgia really that good? Is South Carolina that good to shut down Georgias offense? Are we on a bubble? Or are we just lucky that we havent had to face the injury bug and shuffle people around, thus interrupting the flow of our fragile offense? All I know is that I cant wait to watch this game unfold.....I think if we go play our game, which is run the ball, hit short passes, convert 3rd down and then stopping the run and stuffing the pass, we will be good to go.
But JPW's career win-loss vs Georgia,Fla,Fla State,and LSU is 0-8.....hope we can make it 1-8 tomorrow night.