Friday, January 11, 2008

They were who we thought they were.....still....and tOSU is O fer 9, O fer 2 in BCS MNC vs a muthafockin Row!! SEC Roxxors!

Well, as it goes, tOSU could be the BCS version of the Buffalo Bills in BCS championship game, at least vs SEC teams..... they cant take the same path next year, they will have to dodge one bullet in USCw to start out the season....I dont think we will see tOSU for the next few years. We saw it last year and we saw the song and dance, word for word, step for step, in this game this year. tOSU, with it and Michigan(cant really count them since they weren't healthy and lost to App State, but showed up vs Florida) being the only dominant teams in the Big 10, tOSU wins out and gets a spot in the game they shouldnt have been in, but with help from other teams losing. LSU battles a damn tuff schedule week in and week out , mostly coming from behind with a deep level of talent and Senior leadership on both sides of the ball, and basically were built for this type of game, on a big stage. Many a classic game this year.....tOSU cant say that they were really tested, where they had to make that dramatic comeback, or that their season came down to one play, week in and week out.....if tOSU played in the SEC, they go 6-6, tops, and thats saying they can beat Vandy, Ole Miss and Miss State, maybe Fla....and Arkansas,South Carolina, plust 2 OOC games, dont see them getting past LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee,Alabama(with all its starters intact), Georgia,
Where on the other side of the ball, tOSU jumps out to a quick lead, then once the adrenaline wears off, LSU talent just takes over and runs up 31 unanswered points on the "best" defense,on paper, in the country. The only problem was that the "best" hasnt played anyone worth a damn to get that "best" title.....Best? In relation to what? High school programs?
tOSU is young, has some talent, but the way the system is set up, I think we will see plenty more of this SEC vs some other conference.....SEC was WAY up last year, I think this year the level will be about the same since there are,per capita, more coaches in this league that have a BCS Championship rings than any other....I still think LSU beats USCw, even with a plus one this year.....I am not sure that LSU ever really broke a sweat or got worried. tOSU on the other hand, played like THEY were LSU with all the undisciplined yellow flags they drew at crucial times. Lsu has played quality competition, and lost. In OT. Twice. All the other games they usually played down to their level of competition , then pulled a rabbit outta the "Mad Hatter" to win the game.. LSU was built for this game, tOSU wasnt and folded since they didnt know how to play from behind. LSU took the foot off the gas, then tOSU scored a pick 6, and Les Miles with 90 secs left, kept going for the kill and scored again, just so tOSU would remember it.
The SEC is a murderers row as far as talent pool goes these past 3-5 yrs....seems to be getting better and better...and the coaches know if they can win the SEC, they have a chance to play for it all... I think Georgia, maybe LSU, may be in the mix...Auburn has a new O-coord and a new D-coord, plenty of experience, just dont know if anyone can hang with Georgia once they get dialed in for their run.