Friday, November 2, 2007

A Tale of Two Coaches-Alabama vs LSU


"Uhhh Let 'er Rip....not my underwear!!"


Well this week is finally here. This is our biggest game of the year so far, for many many reasons. For Nick Saban, this is the game he circled on his calendar once he got here after so many LSU fans were talking smack and basically were out of their minds with some weird form of jealousy.

LSU fans are like some crazy ex-girlfriend or ex-wife that won't let you live your life after everything is said and done. Just dont know how to let gooooooooo. Plus the fact that LSU players have recently decided to 'thug out' and get thrown off the team puts this game in a new light. IMHO, I am suprised we have won some of the games we have won, and I am sure if Shula was still here, we'd be in the same shape as last year. Thank God we got a really good proven Coach! If we keep it close, run right at the heart of their defense and keep their offense off the field, and lastly, have the ball last when we have the lead, we can win. Last time we were in a big game and I had this weird "paranormal" feeling-like dreams of us winning and winning big-was the 1992 Natl Championship....My dream this time involves their QB Flynn getting injured early and some unknown backup getting his lunch ate with crucial turnovers....I hope that happens.

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Les Miles is certifiably insane. In 3 games he should have lost, he came off looking like an evil genius, much like Col. Kurtz from Apocalypse Now....his gameplan is a snail crawling along the edge of a razor...thats his dream...thats his nightmare....He ask questions to his team like

"Do you know that IF is the middle word of LIFE?" He'll expand your mind, man....and go for it on 4th and ALL OF IT....and win......How? Fuckin Lucky, thats how! If he was behind on his bills and needed to win the lottery to get caught back up, he would have the winning numbers, some how some way...
And Nick Saban has been dispatched on a mission that does not exist...wipe out Les Miles and his men and burn Nick Sabans memory on the skulls of the unbelievers.....

Oh Les Miles has been very quiet...too quiet.....why? Probaly because of his players getting in trouble, having to kick Derrick"Aint no punk bitch"Odom off the team and deciding whether Perrilloux heads to T town or not. My prediction will be based on gut feelings-and I feel with all that has happened since we found our offense, if we are consistent, we should win by a score of

27-24. To get there we will need excellent QB play, our playmakers will have to MAKE PLAYS!! and we will need help from our special teams as in ARENAS getting big chunks of yardage to keep the field short. I think if we draw first blood, and draw last blood, we win. If the team that played Tenn. shows up and not the team that played Georgia, we will win.

Roll MFN TIDEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!