Monday, November 19, 2007

Croomed and Doomed.....Welcome to the Shula flashback channel

Well we lost to Miss. St...then we lose to ULM...I think this is what Coach Saban referred to as rock bottom....He has been trying to relay a message to his "new" team throughout the year, to the public, to his team and the media that this team has some sure enough half assed slackers....according to one of my friends that is a G.A .in the Athletic dept, after the game, Saban told everyone in the locker room toSIT DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP! and no one said a word for 5 mins....
He finally paced around and let 'er rip with the following:(paraphrased)
"There are 10% of you that are glad to be here, you show up at practice, day in and day out, perform on a high level and contribute to the success of this team. I want to thank you for that.
There is another 10% of you that TRY to perform at a high level and thats all I can ask you for.
The other 80% have the talent and ability to perform at a high level, but choose not to...those 80% need to see if they are committed, and if not, fiqure out how to pay for their education next year, cause it wont be on this team." Well its a fact..there are players on this team who are counting the days and marking them off til the end of the season..... He was just letting them know that scholarships are renewable, and if they are taking up space, he will cut dead weight. What I saw in this game is like a power struggle, old players from the other regime that want to do things their way, and I am sure Saban used this game to prove a point...hey, you practice your way, play the game your way, and BoomMotherfucker, thats what you get.....he used the analogy of "hitting rock bottom" that usually gets the addicts attention before a change is made, and I am sure they found the bottom after this game, and hopefully we can cut the dead weight and move on. Cant wait to purge some of these losers that cant get over themselves. DJ was only suspended for only the half, since it was Senior Day and Saban wanted him to at least play 1/2 a game at his last game as a Senior in B-D Stadium, and he wasnt suspended for the whole game like it was wrongly reported....If they are a halfway decent team, they will respond since I know they are getting it put on their asses this week in practice. I hope so....... And at the press conference, he didnt compare losing a football game to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor, he simply showed them as times of disaster and how people came together to put the pieces back...and this game vs LM was as close as a disaster on the football field that you can get, he is simply pointing out this game after the fact will show what this team is made of in the way it responds to adversity...Basically telling the team---hey we did it your way this week, your the laughing stock of the nation, now we are gonna do it my way, How Does It Feel???? I am sure the feeling aint the best in the world. If I was a player, I would not show my face until I won the next game.
I hope they feel good since they embarrassed themselves beyond reason.....I hope they never forget this feeling of being a loser..maybe the underclassmen that come back next year will carry something from this and step up to be better leaders on this team since there seem to be no Senior leadership, which means Character and Heart, which Alabama has never had since Croyle and Prothro. and Demeco Ryans donned a Crimson jersey.