Saturday, September 15, 2007

Auburn Sucks, Tennesse still never stopped. Alabama has a good 2 min offense, can't stop Humanity Advanced, escapes with their lives, 3 players missin

The best Saturday in football and I am stuck at work. Auburn got Croomed at home making their home record 0-2. Tuberville will probaly fire everbody, then he will get fired.

Tim Tebow makes his statement for the Heisman trophy campaign with some kissing and passing while beating the crap out of Tennessee, just for fun. EDSBS gets a huge ass shout out from Vern Lunquist then gets interrupted by another Florida touchdown. Thats pretty freakin awesome. Great, witty and funny website that deserves a shoutout. Alabama is about to kick off and I hope we beat the crap out of the hogs and Humanity Advanced. The photo is of an prototypical Tenn/ Arkansas fan. You really cant tell the diffence except by the size of the Tenn. fans head. Arkansas fans forehead seem to protrude less, where Tenn. fans foreheads look likePeyton Mannings. Then Alabama has the game in a great start, things are looking good, we are up 31-17 in the 3rd quarter, I am thinking we will run the ball to grind out the clock, but nooooo, we have to let them blitz and JPW throws an INT. Then Humanity Advanced smells blood and simply takes over the game. The defense allowed him to smell fear, and he fed on it until they were up 38-31. Guys, they had no passing game, and basically had 2 running plays, one with McFadden and one without McFadden. On the upside, Alabama didnt cover the 4 pts and I won 300 bucks. It ended up a happy ending, but good God, I hate those signature wins like that. Then they showed Humanitys Advanced tricked out red Chevy Malibu that had to have at least $25,000 worth of bling. The car is probaly worth 3500 bucks real money. I am sure the NCAA is wondering how a poor tailback can afford a tricked out ride, and no one in his family has the W-2 to back it up. Last time I saw bling like that was when Fernado Bryant was rollin in a SL500 Mercedes in '97 as a JR. Then Alabama goes on probation...coincedence? I think not.

Gators Gone Wild

That was the best game I have ever seen,(after of course the Kick and Goal Line Stand )with talent at every position. Scary part is, Baby Rhino has at least 2 more yrs to get stronger- faster- smarter. Pretty soon they will basically communicate the offense via Telepathic Signals. I am not quite sure that this isnt a cult pretending to be a football team. They are the Scientologist of SEC football. Urban Meyer is a level 12 high monkety-monk with secret hand shakes and all that shit. Now they can simply make copies of their play book and send em out to all their competition and dare them to stop them. It will be fun to watch LSU play Florida. IT will be Baby Rhino's Telepathic Scientologist vs. Humanity Disassembled (Dorsey) and his Werewolves w/Chainsaw for Penis' Defense. I dont know if a platoon of Navy Seals with weapons could stop the offense.

This will be the Answer to the Riddle that is a Mystery wrapped in an Enigma--What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object??? I personally think when the two teams actually collide, both will either evaporate from the release of energy and create a black hole that sucks the moon into the earth, or it will create a 4th dimension similar to Donnie Darko.