Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Well....thanks to ten years worth of bullshit...we are where we thought we were...6 in a row to Auburn! :(

What Tubberville will look like for keeping the Auburn job

"Well Sexton says if I win the 6th one, he can get the buyout waived...honestly, I hate it here, Nick...its not gonna be as fun since you showed up, and Sexton says since you got paid, nows the time for me to strike when the irons hot and with Walmart paying the tab, I may be able to match your paycheck...if your ever up that way and need to get a deal at Sams Club on a TV or some Tyson chicken, look me up..Good luck with Julio, I hear his mom wants to the Reggie Bush treatment. Well, just got a text from Jimmy, the dummys at Auburn fell for it, well gotta go get paid....if ya beat me 2 yrs in a row, I'll probaly get run outta town anyway....."
Well after probation, suspensions, Seniors and Shula recruits pretty much quitting, we are at the end of the rope and end of the season. Running off players who wont buy in must be the best job as a coach, cleaning house and getting his players in there and replacing the ones who are taking up space......Good riddance to the half assed and half hearted.

Saban knows what it takes and what kind of players it will take to compete on a serious level week in and week out, for the duration. We didnt have that luxury this year. Auburn was just deeper and more talented and just as boring as we were on offense. Thankfully we will have somewhat of a lil bit deeper defense and hopefully JPW will improve vastly and not end up as bad as Brandon Cox, a 5th yr senior who looks like he is fresh off the bus from a local high school. JPW play this year suggest he regressed, maybe he and whoever is calling the plays next year will have a lil more communication and help him get better. Maybe we can have a real offensive line that can gel and be more physical to take the pressure off him. Lord knows he

does not need pressure. He doesnt improvise well since 1/2 of his INTS either go the distance to score for the other team, or sets them up for an easy 2 yrd score at the apex of the game, and usually this is the knife that cuts the throat.....our own throat....

I can say this....give Saban 9 yrs, and he would have at least had 2 MNC and at least 3 SEC championships.......What does Tubs have to show for his tenure? Well 6 wins over instate rival is commendable.....I am sure just 1 SEC championship has got some money people in Auburn thinking about a change...maybe in another 9 yrs they can get another SEC championship...but looking at the level of competion and the landscape (GA/FLA) and with Nutt moving to Ole Miss, and the coaching being shaken up in the West, I am sure the coaching turnover will make it more competitive. With Saban stocking up and getting all the 4/5 star talent in Alabama, Tubs days are over as far as streaks go, I promise...Everytime Auburn has some "million dollar talent" and they are poised to make a run at the MNC, they trip themselves up. Doesnt matter, Tubs is going to Arkansas since Nutt bolted to Ole Miss.

Look, I am a realist....I knew when we got Saban it would change the face of the SEC, at least in our division....In a conservative estimate,by 2009/2010 with 2 or 3 good classes we should be able to win the West and at least compete for the title against either Georgia or Florida...They have some juggernauts there on the offensive side of the ball and I think Florida has the youngest and biggest talent, plus they have been to the big dance before and should be able to get there again..they just need to get a better defense ASAP to keep from getting blown out by Georgia again...by that time if they dont have a defense, I am sure they will just try to score 50 pts a game, and hopefully Tebow and Moreno and Harvin will go pro as JRs...
Roll Tide 10-2 in 2008