Monday, December 31, 2007

We are the MNC of the PetroSunPoulanWeedeaterDepends Independence Bowl

(L to R- Gilberry and Dj Hall end their careers on a high note, while I just got high on whiskey)

Congrats to JPW and Wallace Gilberry for being Offensive and Def MVP's for the game.

I wish Wallace had another year to use, but I wish him luck in the Senior Bowl and the NFL combine. He plays with alot of heart and soul and emotion. Hopefully he gets drafted and will be able to play.

Dj Hall had a pretty good game, and he should do ok in the pros. Basically, he is a pro style receiver that didnt have a pro style QB, and that kinda hurt him a little bit. He will be a good free agent and should compete for a starting job for whoever needs help.

On the lighter side, dont ever play a drinking game where the Alabama offense and Bob Davie as an announcer is involved. Orson from EDSBS and Peter Bean decided to do a live blog/drinking game during the Petro-Sun Bowl, and basically just made shit up as they went along, so you drank nearly every play....thank God it only went on for a half.
Next year looks promising, and I'll end this years entry looking for a brighter New Year for the Tide....Top 3 recruiting class and things should happen for us next year if we play smart....My only wish for next year is to beat the hell outta Auburn. Period. Then the reign of terror begins in T-town and darkness settles on the Plains.....

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