Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Disdain for UT

Knoxville, Tn Tenn. Hate Week, the 3rd Saturday in October.......
In honor of an easy target, I would like to give you some of my takes on Kenny Chesney songs as it relates to football...I came up with these pretty easy, since Chesneys lyrics and music structure, is pretty basic....
Kenny Chesney and a few of his hits….Holly, this is for you and for Phil Fulmer–
”Better as a Memory”:

I move on like a dinners prayer
Go thru a buffet like a levee breaks
Walk away as if I don’t care
Always blame Coach Cutt for my mistakes
Arguments I win cause I’m never wrong,
Throw screens when there’s no need
I run up the middle when your blitz is on
I always hangin at the Krispy Kreme..
My only friends are donuts;
That’s just all I know….
But I’m better as a memory than as your Coach...

And for his manlove of Tim Tebow:

“I still Think Tebows Sexy”

I still think Tebows sexy
It really turns me on
I’m always staring at him
While he running along
I like the way he’s passing and picking up first downs
I’m even kind of crazy about his end around,
He’s the only one who really understands what gets me
I think Tim Tebows sexyyyyyyy

Running these stadiums in the hot summer sun
Over by the gate lordy here he comes
With a basket full of scaples to go slice on a foreign kids pee pee…
A makeshift operating room and he comes up
A lil circle cut and spurt a lil blood
Just look at his face..... he ain’t a foolin meeeeeee
(repeat chorus)
Well its been awhile since my last post..we beat Georgia, Kentucky, Ole Miss and seemed to go into hibernation after halftime. The biggest loss we have is that we lost our "One Man Gang" in the middle, Terrence Cody to a MCL sprain...he should be back by LSU but I dont think he will be 100%.. If we dont do it this year, we should be set up for next year for a SEC Championship run. If we take care of business at Tenn, we will be sitting pretty after our homecoming game for LSU and Auburn. Auburn is at a point to where Tubbs has lost his team, just like Nick Saban did last year. And Tubbs seems to have quit on the administration and the fans. Auburn fans are all up in arms, since their expectations were to have a cakewalk to the SEC Championship. Well, after the much heralded Spread Eagle got shot down, it seems that Tony Franklin isnt the problem..he pulled the curtain back to what he had to deal with, and was basically walking into an ambush. Auburn was not even in the top 100 in offense last year, and he said they didnt have the talent to even attempt to get there in 2 or 3 years. So Tubbs freaks out and fires Franklin, the new guy, which in my book is a punk move. This disaster is what Tubbs and his cronies created, and what Nick Saban is helping to crush. If Auburn fans were not scared of the Nick Saban hire, well they should be. Auburn and Alabama cannot be equally good. It has never been equally good at the same time, one is always up when the other is down. Guess whose turn it is at the National table? We shoot to number 2, and Auburn falls apart. Nice knowing you Tubby and Fulmer, compliments of Nick Saban......Why is the Saban Effect so incredible? Other programs will model their coaching search after Alabamas last one, going after and throwing money at a proven coach. Results? Within 2 yrs, securing a top 5 ranking for one...the rest is up to the team. The coaching and recruiting takes care of itself. Now that Sabans players are off the LSU team, you kinda get to see what you are left with. A whacko coach with a power running game and a couple of ecletic QB's... I still think after they got depantsed by Florida, we have enough talent to win the game, although by the slimmest of margins.....