Wednesday, July 30, 2008

T-29 and Counting......

Tuscaloosa,Al Nick Saban,above, shows he really is a "hands-on" coach.

Folks, we are in the home stretch for our collision course with Clemson at the end of August. For the next month, I will be updating all things Alabama on a weekly basis since
my schedule is too hectic to do otherwise. Our offseason has been a rollercoaster of sorts,
and now our LB corps are wafer thin, due to off the field issues and medical reasons.
I envision a few break out players getting noticed in the Clemson game, and I believe
Julio Jones will make the biggest impact of all the true freshman on the field. His raw
skill and size will help him make small plays into big gains, and will help JPW look a little more settled this year, which as we know, as JPW goes, so does the Crimson Tide.
We all know we need him to hit all his marks this year for us to have a fighting chance to even get near a 8-4 finish. We need all the momentum we can get and Clemson didn't exactly impress me against Auburn. The biggest thing we need is some help on defense, because we could score, we just would get somewhat of a lead, and could not stop our opponents from scoring, which in turn, usually meant we lost the game in the second half, mistakes not withstanding.
Basically, if we can squeak out a win over Clemson, it should do something for us to get some sort of buzz going, hopefully get us in a rhythm so we can get on a roll offensively and stay on it, all the way to the Arkansas and Georgia game. It would be nice to be undefeated AFTER the Arkansas game rolling into Jaw-ja, hopefully with a somewhat healthy defensive line to help the thin LBs. This can be the year that sets us up for a run deep into the post season for next year. I think if all goes to plan, 2010 could be OUR year. By that time much of the ballyhooed talent in the SEC should have moved up to the next level and Bama should be making its mark.
The WIN that all Bama fans want is the Auburn game. That will set off a chain of events that should devastate the Barners for the next few years, since they havent restocked their pantry with equal or better talent than they will have on the field this year. We got some players now, and we are gonna get more than they will ever think about getting. We are the proverbial freight train that is fixing to head downhill with no brakes as far as in state recruiting goes. We have a really good QB heading our way, and by that time he should have a decent supporting cast to make it all come together.

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