Friday, November 9, 2007

Alabama vs Mississippi St....Trap Game???

Well, this is the game that got Mike Shula fired and basically coined the phrase" Getting Croomed".
This year, they look a little better than they did last year, basically filling this years mold of SEC teams, winning games your not supposed to and getting blown out on the games you should win. Case in point, KY v MISS ST, Ky knocks off LSU, and KY gets Croomed. Yes , it happened in a big way. This game, like most, will be decided by 3rd down conversions and turnovers. Should be perfect weather in the 'Hood that is Starkville.
Don't ever make a wrong turn in Starkville. Trust me. I think we will be able to run the ball and should be able to stop them. They aint LSU by not stretch of the imagination, but we aint Kentuck, we can pass and run the ball pretty good, and Miss St does not have the weapons LSU had. If we can get everyone 1/2 healthy, we should win by 10, barring any boneheaded mistakes coming off such an emotional letdown. I hope we beat em down and remind them that they are Miss St and thats all they will be. Auburn turned the ball over 6 times and almost ended up winning it, so we dont need to spot them any points. LSU gave us 4 turnovers and we almost took advantage of it. We need to come out of this game healthy, put this one away early, and get ready for Auburn. I would love to hang 35 pts on Auburn and crush their souls....only after we hang 45 on MSU...I think if we jump on them early and often, they fall apart. Its a freshmen QB, fuckin hit him where he dont want to come back in the game....Destroy Destroy Destroy!!! Hopefully Georgia fuckin humiliates Auburn and physically beats them down to where we can mop them up in a few weeks!!! ROLL MFN TIDE!!

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